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Everyone makes a difference.

The status quo is not acceptable.  Despite the impressive and laudable efforts of many - both within the United Way network and across sectors - our nation is not making the progress needed to overcome many societal challenges.  There have been pockets of success in communities across our country, but too often these local victories remain invisible beyond the community level, never achieving the scale needed to drive national change.

Our Future Success
Meeting the increasingly complex needs and challenges our communities face today.

With more than 1,200 United Way organizations covering 95 percent of the nation, United Way is uniquely positioned to identify, promote and scale successful local solutions to the national level.  We have a long history of taking a single idea, an isolated strategy or an under-resourced breakthrough and moving it across America.  

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The Response.

A common good response for common good results.

At the heart of United Way's vision is a community of interconnected individuals, groups and institutions working together for the benefit of all.  This sense of collective interest is what we mean by the common good.  It's United Way's point of view that we will only realize the results we are seeking for our nation when everone has a stake in creating healthier and more prosperous communities.

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