Events for June 19, 2024

Non-Profit Marketing

Prescott Founder's Library Suite 215 E Goodwin St, Prescott

Daniel Hickey is the founder of Hickey Marketing Group and works with businesses, non-profits, and government organizations to tell impactful stories to their ideal audiences. Daniel has worked with dozens of national brands and brings his knowledge off branding, marketing, website design, search engine optimization, social media, and public relations to his clients and those who attend his seminars and workshops. Marketing Best Practices for Non-Profits - In this course we will be discussing trends and best practices that your non-profit can use to attract more volunteers and donations. We will discuss search visibility, telling compelling stories, and how to create [...]

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Location: 1678 Oaklawn Drive, Ste. A Prescott, AZ 86305
Phone: (928) 778-6605

Monday to Thursday 9am – 4pm
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