In Yavapai County, and across the country, it can be hard for many families to make ends meet. With rising costs of living and limited government assistance, many people in the county find themselves in difficult financial situations. Fortunately, there are a number of non-profit organizations dedicated to helping those in need.

United Way is one such organization. United Way works with local partners to support programs that build long-term solutions for families struggling with poverty. United Way provides funding to partner organizations that provide access to jobs, education and housing, help people break out of cycles of poverty, and much more. Additionally, United Way accepts donations from individuals, businesses and other organizations which are used to fund their work.

Habitat for Humanity is another organization that helps those in need in Yavapai County. Habitat for Humanity builds strong and stable housing for low income families so that they know they have a secure place to live and thrive. Volunteers construct these homes under the supervision of professional builders who ensure quality construction and safety standards are met. All materials are donated or purchased at a deeply discounted rate through generous sponsorships from local businesses and corporations.

Agape House is yet another non profit making a difference in Yavapai County by providing essential resources and support to those facing personal crisis related to homelessness or displacement due to domestic violence or eviction. Agape House offers shelter to families, helping them get back on their feet until they can afford permanent housing elsewhere without becoming homeless again. Agape House also provides counseling services, job training opportunities and referral services so that their clients can access long-term assistance when needed.

Northland Cares is an organization committed to providing access to HIV/AIDS screenings and treatments throughout Yavapai County. They also have a mobile health clinic that helps provide support to individuals who need HIV/AIDS screenings and or treatment but cannot make it to their physical location in Prescott.

By coming together and supporting each other, organizations like United Way, Habitat for Humanity, Agape House and Northland Cares help make sure Yavapai County residents have shelter, medical care, and support when they need it most.

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