7 Habits of Happiness & Mindful Meditation

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7 Habits of Happiness & Mindful Meditation

Melanie JacobsonHappiness is the natural result of habitually living and thinking in certain ways. As a matter of fact, happiness is something that is quite predictable for almost all people as we develop certain habits of thought, belief, action, and character. In fact, d:id you know that

10% of our happiness is due to our external circumstances 90% based on our inner environment
50% comes from our genes
40% accounts for our intentional daily activities

Science has now confirmed that with certain practices we can change the neural pathways of our brain. Happiness is a set of skills we can practice every day. This seminar, presented by Melanie Jacobson, program manager of Polara Health’s Senior Peer Program, is an informative and interactive program to help make proactive choices on creating more happiness in our lives.

This workshop is in person in Founder Suite B.

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